Francesca Miriano

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Carotid dissection is a major complication of blunt head and neck trauma. The authors describe a case report of sudden bleeding of a distal branch of the external left carotid artery caused by a fracture of the mandible. This event occurred a week after the trauma. After a first phase consisting in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and blood loss replacement,(More)
The authors have tried out a new way of administrating suxamethonium called self-taming dose, to sixty adult patients. A little dose of 10 mg is injected 30-60 seconds before the normal dose of 1-1.5 mg/kg. A real diminution of the frequence of muscule pain was found. This method was found of very simple use, in order to avoid post-operative muscle pain.
On the basis of experience of 25 patients subjected to suspension laryngoscopy and bronchoscopy, it is shown that the technique of anaesthesiology conduction adopted responds to the needs of the anaesthesist and the laryngoscopist. Althesin in particular has been found to possess the requisites for this type of diagnostic manoeuvre.
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