Francesca Liguori

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An interlaboratory comparison (ILC) was organized with the aim to set up quality control indicators suitable for multicomponent quantitative analysis by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. A total of 36 NMR data sets (corresponding to 1260 NMR spectra) were produced by 30 participants using 34 NMR spectrometers. The calibration line method was(More)
Nanostructured single-site heterogeneous catalysts possess the advantages of classical solid catalysts, in terms of easy recovery and recycling, together with a defined tailored chemical and steric environment around the catalytically active metal site. The use of inorganic oxide supports with selected shape and porosity at a nanometric level may have a(More)
The combination of chiral- and nano-technologies is potentially one of the most promising strategies for "green" catalytic conversions aimed at fine-chemical production. This paper reviews the most representative examples and highlights recent achievements in the field of enantioselective processes catalyzed by metal nanoparticles (MNPs), with a view to the(More)
180 © 2011 Johnson Matthey doi:10.1595/147106711X581350 Edited by Pierluigi Barbaro and Francesca Liguori (Istituto di Chimica dei Composti Organo Metallici, Firenze, Italy), Springer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, 2010, 459 pages, ISBN: 978-90-481-3695-7, £126.00, €139.95, US$189.00 (Print version); e-ISBN:(More)
The catalytic partial hydrogenation of substituted alkynes to alkenes is a process of high importance in the manufacture of several market chemicals. The present paper shortly reviews the heterogeneous catalytic systems engineered for this reaction under continuous flow and in the liquid phase. The main contributions appeared in the literature from 1997 up(More)
alpha-O-Linked glycohomoglutamates are obtained as diastereomerically pure compounds by chemo-, regio-, and stereoselective cycloadditions between glycals and aspartic acid derivatives. The latter constitute orthogonally functionalized scaffolds for glycopeptide mimetics.
A nonclassical, totally stereoselective synthesis of orthogonally protected 1,3-disaccharides is reported. Enantiomerically pure beta-keto-delta-lactones, efficiently obtained from glucal and galactal, are transformed into electron-poor heterodienes and chemo-, regio-, and stereoselectively cycloadded to glycals as electron-rich dienophiles, to directly(More)
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