Francesca Greco

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An amorphous silicon (a-Si) electronic portal imaging device (EPID) was implemented to perform transit in vivo dosimetry for dynamic conformal arc therapy (DCAT). A set of images was acquired for each arc irradiation using the EPID cine acquisition mode, that supplies a frame acquisition rate of one image every 1.66 s, with a monitor unit rate equal to 100(More)
Polymer-drug conjugates have demonstrated clinical potential in the context of anticancer therapy. However, such promising results have, to date, failed to translate into a marketed product. Polymer-drug conjugates rely on two factors for activity: (i) the presence of a defective vasculature, for passive accumulation of this technology into the tumour(More)
Nickel (Ni) is often the trigger of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)-like gastrointestinal disorders: its ingestion may cause allergic contact mucositis, identifiable by means of oral mucosa patch test (omPT). OmPT effectiveness has been proven, but it is still an operator-dependent method. Laser Doppler perfusion imaging (LDPI) was tested to support omPT in(More)
INTRODUCTION The Tailgut cyst (cystic hamartoma) is an uncommon congenital disease of presacral retrorectal space and is embryologically part of some forms of enteric cysts. It is a benign malformation, although cases have been described in neoplastic degeneration. PRESENTATION OF CASE A caucasian 24 year old female presented shortly after childbirth with(More)
This work reports a method based on correlation functions to convert EPID transit signals into in vivo dose values at the isocenter point, D iso, of dynamic IMRT beams supplied by Varian linac. Dose reconstruction for intensity-modulated beams required significant corrections of EPID response, due to the X-ray component transmitted through multileaf(More)
A practical and accurate generalized in vivo dosimetry procedure has been implemented for Siemens linacs supplying 6, 10, and 15 MV photon beams, equipped with aSi electronic portal imaging devices (EPIDs). The in vivo dosimetry method makes use of correlation ratios between EPID transit signal, s (t) (0) (TPR,w,L), and phantom mid-plane dose, D(More)
The transit in vivo dosimetry performed by an electronic portal imaging device (EPID) is a very practical method to check error sources in radiotherapy. Recently, the present authors have developed an in vivo dosimetry method based on correlation functions, F (w, L), defined as the ratio between the transit signal, S(t) (w, L), by the EPID and the mid-plane(More)
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