Francesca Franco

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  • Rodrigo S Verdi, John Core, Gary Gorton, Christian Leuz, Scott Richardson, Catherine Schrand +17 others
  • 2006
This paper studies the relation between financial reporting quality and investment efficiency on a sample of 49,543 firm-year observations between 1980 and 2003. Financial reporting quality has been posited to improve investment efficiency, but there has been little empirical evidence supporting this claim to date. Consistent with this claim, I find that(More)
Smokers with stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease have a chronic inflammation of the entire tracheobronchial tree characterized by an increased number of macrophages and CD8 T lymphocytes in the airway wall and of neutrophils in the airway lumen. Exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are considered to reflect worsening of the(More)
The amyloid-beta (A beta) peptide (1-42) aggregation into oligomeric and fibrillar species affects neuronal viability, having a causal role in the development of Alzheimer's disease. Among dietary anthocyanins, cyanidin 3-O-glucoside (Cy-3G) and its metabolites, such as protocatechuic acid (PA), have gained attention as potential neuroprotective agents. In(More)
  • Michael Klausner, Stanford Law School, Dan Kessler, Dave Larcker, Francesca Franco
  • 2012
We examine the " supplemental " role of securities class action lawsuits with respect to SEC enforcement in terms of targeting and penalties imposed on individual defendants. We find some evidence that the targeting of class actions is adversely affected by the incentives of plaintiff's lawyers, but still takes into account the merit of the cases, as(More)
Prior research has documented pay gaps between female and male executives. We document recent trends in the gender pay gaps and explore the relative effect of females' appetite for compensation incentives and gender bias in the boardroom as possible explanations for the gaps. Using data from the 1996-2010 period, we find evidence that female executives' pay(More)
  • Li Zhang, Eli Amir, Maria Correia, Francesca Franco, Art Kraft, Ningzhong Li +4 others
  • 2010
This paper examines the effect of ex-ante management forecast accuracy on post-earnings announcement drift when management forecasts about next quarter's earnings are bundled with the current quarter's earnings announcements. This paper builds a composite measure of ex-ante management forecast accuracy that takes into account forecast ability, forecast(More)
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