Francesca Franco

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BACKGROUND Southeast Asia is known for its rich linguistic, cultural and biological diversity. While ethnobiology in the west has benefitted greatly from intellectual and methodological advances over the last decades, the status of Southeast Asian ethnobiology is largely unknown. This study aims to provide an analysis of the current status of ethnobiology(More)
  • J R Abrams, Bippus, Allen, A P Kennedy, P J Cryan, Clarke +58 others
  • 2015
(2014). Gendering jokes: Intergroup bias in reactions to same-versus opposite-gender humor. Retrieval dynamics in long-term memory. the speaker in an intergroup context: Using the Linguistic Intergroup Bias makes you a good group member. affects group perception: Effects of language abstraction on generalization to the group. 166 prejudice more than(More)
Prior research has documented pay gaps between female and male executives. We document recent trends in the gender pay gaps and explore the relative effect of females' appetite for compensation incentives and gender bias in the boardroom as possible explanations for the gaps. Using data from the 1996-2010 period, we find evidence that female executives' pay(More)
This paper examines the effect of ex-ante management forecast accuracy on post-earnings announcement drift when management forecasts about next quarter's earnings are bundled with the current quarter's earnings announcements. This paper builds a composite measure of ex-ante management forecast accuracy that takes into account forecast ability, forecast(More)
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