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Parathyroid carcinoma is a rare malignancy, which usually occurs as a sporadic disease, and less frequently in the setting of genetic syndromes. Despite the association of parathyroid and thyroid disorders being quite common, the coexistence of parathyroid carcinoma and thyroid disease is rare. We reviewed the pertinent literature. The terms "parathyroid(More)
PET/computed tomography with F-fluorodeoxyglucose is considered a powerful molecular imaging technique that can provide useful information in the management of patients affected by head and neck cancer. However, misleading findings have been reported because of nonspecific uptake caused by peritumoural inflammation and physiologic changes in nonmalignant(More)
The authors report their experience of 48 consecutive cases of colecystectomy performed using a videolaparoscopic technique. Laparoscopic surgery was not successful in only two patients in whom it was necessary to resort to laparotomy; bile duct injury occurred in one patient. On the basis of their experience the authors conclude by affirming that this(More)
Recurrent respiratory infections (RRI) represent a social problem for both the pharmaco-economic impact and the burden on the family. Thermal water is popularly well accepted. However, there is no scientific evidence of its preventive activity on recurrent respiratory tract infections (RRI). Therefore, the purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects(More)
UNLABELLED It is well known that, in patients with carcinoma, chemotherapy produces an increase of the incidence of infections and changes the immune defences of the patient. Since 1952 human immunoglobulins have been used for pathologies with immune deficiency. This study aims to evaluate the immunologic efficacy of purified human immunoglobulins in(More)
The authors utilised several reviews of the literature and own experience based on 6 cases of non Hodgkin's primary gastric lymphoma. They refer about the importance and the difficulties to make differential diagnosis and on the staging. The authors believe that the treatment of choice is a surgical therapy but the role of radiotherapy and chemotherapy is(More)
BACKGROUND The authors aimed to demonstrate the real advantages in terms of cost and patient comfort of inguinal hernia surgery using monofilament prostheses. METHODS A retrospective survey was carried out on two groups of patients: the first group, consisting of 1032 patients who underwent inguinal hernia surgery under general anesthetic between 1985 and(More)
Authors, after a short dissertation about evolution, trough out the years, of the diagnosis and the therapy of the mammary carcinoma, specify the leading role of primary prevention. Self palpation and the mammography reduce of about 30% the mortality. Modern pharmacology and radiotherapy allow a surgical preservative approach, produce better esthetic and(More)
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