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INTRODUCTION Ureteropelvic junction obstruction (UPJO) is the most common pediatric obstructive uropathy. We report our 8-year experience with the use of a retroperitoneal laparoscopic-assisted pyeloplasty (one-trocar-assisted pyeloplasty [OTAP]). MATERIALS AND METHODS This is a retrospective analysis of 88 patients treated in 8 years. Surgery was(More)
Although it is virtually impossible to formulate a scheme that can satisfactorily collect all different types of vaginal malformations, a simple classification would be of a considerable value and would permit logical operative decisions. Many classifications of anomalies of uterus and vagina have been proposed: we find them unsatisfactory and confusing,(More)
Müllerian duct anomalies include a wide spectrum of genital tract defects resulting from a development alteration of the genital tract. An 11-year-old girl with a hybrid septate variety uterus with left hemi-obstruction was identified. Beside preoperative imaging evaluation done with ultrasound, magnetic resonance, and hysterosalpingography, a combined(More)
The validity of the assessment of the fetal age and pulmonary maturity was evaluated on 369 patients at various stages of normal pregnancy and complicated by diabetes, toxemia and fetal anencephaly. Gestational maturity was assessed by ultrasonic measurement of the fetal biparietal diameter and by analysing constituents of amniotic fluid (creatinine,(More)
Omental torsion is an underdiagnosed cause of acute abdomen in children. Most cases occur in adults, with only 15% presenting in children. It is estimated that omental infarct is found in approximately 0.1 to 0.5% of children undergoing operations for appendicitis. It may present with various signs and symptoms, although the clinical presentation usually(More)
PURPOSE To report our 14 years experience with the laparoscopic-assisted anorectal pull-through (LAARP) for the treatment of male neonates with high imperforate anus. MATERIALS AND METHODS We reviewed all medical charts of patients who underwent LAARP from January 2001 to January 2015 collecting information regarding demographic data, associated(More)
PURPOSE We evaluated the results of esophagocoloplasty (ECP) in children by performing a 45-year retrospective cohort study in a single center. MATERIALS AND METHODS We collected all of the medical charts of patients who underwent ECP at our hospital from January 1969 to January 2014. We reviewed the medical history for each patient and then contacted the(More)
Persistent urogenital sinus (UGS) is a developmental anomaly. It represents one of the most complex problems that a pediatric surgeon may deal with. We report the case of a patient with UGS treated at 3 years of age by anterior sagittal transrectal approach and en bloc sinus mobilization. The procedure was performed with the patient prone with the initial(More)