Francesca Del Bene

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PURPOSE In clinical oncology, combination treatments are widely used and increasingly preferred over single drug administrations. A better characterization of the interaction between drug effects and the selection of synergistic combinations represent an open challenge in drug development process. To this aim, preclinical studies are routinely performed,(More)
One important issue in the preclinical development of an anticancer drug is the assessment of the compound under investigation when administered in combination with other drugs. Several experiments are routinely conducted in xenograft mice to evaluate if drugs interact or not. Experimental data are generally qualitatively analyzed on empirical basis. The(More)
Effective communication of PK/PD principles and results in a biomedical research environment remains a significant challenge which can result in lack of buy-in and engagement from scientists outside the modeling and simulation communities. In our view, one of the barriers in this area is a lack of user-friendly tools which allow "non experts" to use PK/PD(More)
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