Francesca De Pasquale

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Despite the growing importance of zebrafish (Danio rerio) as an experimental model in biomedical research, some aspect of physiological and related morphological age dependent changes in digestive system during larval development are still unknown. In this paper, a biochemical and morphological study of the digestive tract of zebrafish was undertaken to(More)
A faecal pollution monitoring of coastal Messina waters was performed by comparing three (microscopic, enzyme, and culture) methods. Evidence of Escherichia coli cells (29.99 to 96.79% of the total enteropathogenic serotypes) retaining their viability into the marine environment was shown. beta-Glucuronidase activity rates suggested that living cells were(More)
During two seasonal trawl surveys (April and October, 2012), red mullet specimens were caught from two sites of the northern Sicilian coast (Western Mediterranean), characterized by different degrees of pollution, to assess whether their digestive enzymes could be cost-effective diagnostic tools for endocrine disruption. Pepsin, chymotrypsin,(More)
Coastal areas are strongly affected by episodes of fecal contamination due to polluted water inflows from inadequately treated sewages. The present study aims to investigate the dispersion of Escherichia coli in the artificial semi-enclosed bathing area of Santa Marinella (Latium, Italy) through in situ samplings carried out in summer 2012 and the(More)
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