Francesca De Lorenzi

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Periprosthetic capsule formation is a physiological phenomenon occurring around breast implants. In case of capsular contracture, several surgical techniques are described; among them, total capsulectomy is considered the gold standard, but it is not free of complications. A more conservative procedure is the use of “precapsular space”, leaving intact the(More)
Hereditary diffuse gastric cancer is an autosomic dominant syndrome associated with E-cadherin protein (CDH1) gene germline mutations. Clinical criteria for genetic screening were revised in 2010 by the International Gastric Cancer Linkage Consortium at the Cambridge meeting. About 40 % of families fulfilling clinical criteria for this inherited disease(More)
This paper outlines the way in which Oscail (National Distance Education Centre-Ireland) has developed its technology strategy, from the initial research on student readiness to learn using technology to more recent studies which have identified the need for a programme specifically designed to prepare students for learning in the online world. The skills(More)
Breast augmentation is the most common cosmetic surgery in the United States, and thousands of augmented patients develop breast cancer each year. The possible effects of implants on cancer incidence, diagnosis, and treatment usually generate a disarming confusion. The present paper represents an update of the more recent oncologic and surgical strategies,(More)
In most cases of winery effluent, the heavy metal content, especially zinc (Zn) and copper (Cu), does not meet the limits for the discharge as imposed by the most restrictive regulations at international level (0.4 mgCu/L and 1.0 mgZn/L in the Italian regulations). An alternative for the reduction of Cu and Zn is the on-site pre-treatment of wastewater at(More)
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