Francesca D’Olimpio

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Closing-in (CI) is the tendency to act very close to the model in tasks such as drawing, 3D construction, gesture imitation, or writing. Closing-in is observed in degenerative and focal brain diseases, but also in normally developing children. In the present paper, three experiments were conducted to evaluate whether CI can be triggered during a copying(More)
Attentional biases toward threats (ABTs) have been described in high anxious individuals and in clinical samples whereas they have been rarely reported in non-clinical samples (Bar-Haim et al., 2007; Cisler and Koster, 2010). Three kinds of ABTs have been identified (facilitation, difficulty of disengagement, and avoidance) but their mechanisms and time(More)
Regret and disappointment are decision-making related emotions. We examine the relation between these emotions and responsibility for the decision outcomes in the Italian language. This is interesting because in Italian, there exist multiple words that refer to regret and disappointment. We base our research on earlier studies by Zeelenberg, Van Dijk,(More)
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