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UNLABELLED OneChannelGUI is an add-on Bioconductor package providing a new set of functions extending the capability of the affylmGUI package. This library provides a graphical interface (GUI) for Bioconductor libraries to be used for quality control, normalization, filtering, statistical validation and data mining for single channel microarrays. Affymetrix(More)
Microarray based transcription profiling is now a consolidated methodology and has widespread use in areas such as pharmacogenomics, diagnostics and drug target identification. Large-scale microarray studies are also becoming crucial to a new way of conceiving experimental biology. A main issue in microarray transcription profiling is data analysis and(More)
BACKGROUND Gene fusions arising from chromosomal translocations have been implicated in cancer. RNA-seq has the potential to discover such rearrangements generating functional proteins (chimera/fusion). Recently, many methods for chimeras detection have been published. However, specificity and sensitivity of those tools were not extensively investigated in(More)
RNA-seq has the potential to discover genes created by chromosomal rearrangements. Fusion genes, also known as "chimeras", are formed by the breakage and re-joining of two different chromosomes. It is known that chimeras have been implicated in the development of cancer. Few publications in the past showed the presence of fusion events also in normal(More)
BACKGROUND A new microarray platform (GeneChip Exon 1.0 ST) has recently been developed by Affymetrix http://www.affymetrix.com. This microarray platform changes the conventional view of transcript analysis since it allows the evaluation of the expression level of a transcript by querying each exon component. The Exon 1.0 ST platform does however raise some(More)
In this paper we consider the modeling of a selected portion of signal transduction events involved in the angiogenesis process. The detailed model of this process contains a large number of parameters and the data available from wet-lab experiments are not sufficient to obtain reliable estimates for all of them. To overcome this problem, we suggest ways to(More)
In the generic setting of objects × attributes matrix data analysis, co-clustering appears as an interesting unsupervised data mining method. A co-clustering task provides a bi-partition made of co-clusters: each co-cluster is a group of objects associated to a group of attributes and these associations can support expert interpretations. Many constrained(More)
For the vast majority of species - including many economically or ecologically important organisms, progress in biological research is hampered due to the lack of a reference genome sequence. Despite recent advances in sequencing technologies, several factors still limit the availability of such a critical resource. At the same time, many research groups(More)
UNLABELLED RRE allows the extraction of non-coding regions surrounding a coding sequence [i.e. gene upstream region, 5'-untranslated region (5'-UTR), introns, 3'-UTR, downstream region] from annotated genomic datasets available at NCBI. AVAILABILITY RRE parser and web-based interface are accessible at(More)
Mitochondrial dysfunction has been implicated in the pathogenesis of a number of neurodegenerative disorders including Parkinson, Alzheimer, and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). In addition, aberrant mRNA splicing has been documented in neurodegeneration. To characterize the cellular response to mitochondrial perturbations at the level of gene(More)