Francesca Cerutti

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Horses, asses and zebras belong to the genus Equus and are the only extant species of the family Equidae in the order Perissodactyla. In a previous work we demonstrated that a key factor in the rapid karyotypic evolution of this genus was evolutionary centromere repositioning, that is, the shift of the centromeric function to a new position without(More)
Adhesion is the pivot of the modern restorative dentistry. Inlays, onlays and veneers have become a valid alternative to the traditional prosthetic treatments even in the rehabilitation of extremely damaged teeth, allowing a consistent saving of sound tooth tissues. Composite resins and dental adhesive are continously investigated and improved, nevertheless(More)
OBJECTIVES Adhesive luting of indirect restorations can be carried out employing dual- or light-curing materials. This in vitro study evaluated the degree of conversion (DC) of the materials employed in this procedure, seeking how the combination of time and power of curing applied during polymerisation, as well as the temperature of the light-curing(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the degree of conversion (DC) of dual-curing materials used to lute glass-fiber posts in a simulated root canal polymerized by two different modalities. METHODS Artificial root canals were used to simulate a clinical condition to lute 45 posts by three different dual curing luting cements (Calibra, Multilink Automix and Variolink II).(More)
Boophilus microplus infestation is one of the most serious limitations to cattle industry in tropical regions, even though bovines show natural resistance to ticks. This resistance was evaluated in Cross-bred Carora Bulls (CCB) a tropicalized dairy breed from Venezuela. Seven CCB were experimentally infested with B. microplus larvae, "Mozo" strain, they(More)
PURPOSE Marginal fit is valued as one of the most important criteria for the clinical quality and success of all-ceramic crowns. The aim of this in vitro study was to investigate the marginal fit of Lava Zirconia crown-copings on chamfer and shoulder preparations. METHODS Two acrylic model teeth were selected to simulate the clinical preparations: one(More)
BACKGROUND Postoperative pain is undertreated. Lamotrigine, a new antiepileptic drug, has analgesic properties in its antisodium and antiglutamatergic effects. It may prevent postoperative pain. This pilot study assessed lamotrigine effects on postoperative pain. METHODS This was a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled pilot study of 30 patients(More)
BACKGROUND Planning the treatment of a compromised tooth is challenging but the choice should refer to evidence-based criteria. The literature proved that patient-related factors influence the treatment plan, but what happens when the patient is a dentist? Aim of the study was to observe whether the dentist goes for the same option suggested to a patient in(More)
AIM Aim of this study was to evaluate two different luting cements and how their clinical procedures influence the postcementation quality. METHODS Thirty-six freshly extracted mono-radicular teeth (N.=18) were treated endodontically and randomly divided into two groups. Posts were cemented respectively with two different self adhesive luting cements:(More)
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