Francesca Cangi

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Phytopharmaceuticals, phytomedicines and botanical dietary supplements are products of wide interest considering the increase of their use. The development of fast and effective analytical methods able to give a fingerprinting of the product, on the basis of the plant extracts declared to be contained in it, is surely of high interest. In a previous(More)
The pressor responsiveness to phenylephrine, an almost pure agonist of peripheral alpha-1-adrenoceptors, was studied in 32 migraine patients in headache-free intervals. Eighteen healthy volunteers served as a control group. Fourteen patients and 14 controls also underwent the tilt test. The following observations were made: (1) the pressor response to(More)
The standardization and quality control of plant extracts is an important topic, in particular, when such extracts are used for medicinal purposes. Consequently, the development of fast and effective analytical methods for metabolomic fingerprinting of plant extracts is of high interest. In this investigation, electrospray mass spectrometry (ESI-MS) and(More)
Immature bitter orange fruit and its extracts have been introduced into the market as an alternative to Ephedra in weight loss products. However, the safety of the immature bitter orange fruit and its extracts is a debated argument due to the presence of synephrine, a constituent known as a sympathomimetic agent. In this paper, we describe the development(More)
Botanical extracts are standardized to > or = 1 marker compounds (MCs). This standardization provides a certain level of quality control, but not complete quality assurance. Thus, industries are looking for other satisfactory systems to improve standardization. This study focuses on the standardization of herbal medicines by combining 2 parameters: the(More)
In 7 healthy volunteers 4% morphine eye-drops, when administered to one eye, caused a miosis limited to that eye. In 7 other healthy volunteers morphine was administered into one eye after bilateral instillation of 0.5% homatropine opthalmic drops; the eye treated with morphine and homatropine showed a mydriasis less intense than the other eye treated only(More)
In migraine patients the effect of calcium antagonists (flunarizine, verapamil and nifedipine) on both venous and pupillary neuromuscular functions, as well as on blood pressure have been evaluated. A single oral dose of flunarizine (10 mg) and verapamil infusion (50 micrograms/ml/min) increased venous compliance. Verapamil also counteracted dose-dependent(More)