Francesca Bonomini

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Glass-fiber composites are frequently used in dentistry. In order to evaluate their biocompatibility we tested, in an experimental model "in vivo", their tissue response pointing our attention on presence of mast cells (MCs) and fibrotic process. Sprague Dawley rats were used for the experimental design. The fibers were introduced in a subcutaneous pocket(More)
Aging is characterized by a progressive deterioration of physiological functions and metabolic processes. In aging and in diseases associated with the elderly, the loss of cells in vital structures or organs may be related to several factors. Sirtuin1 (SIRT1) is a member of the sirtuin family of protein deacetylases involved in life span extension; however,(More)
The study of biological aging has seen spectacular progress in the last decade and markers are increasingly employed for understanding physiological processes that change with age. Recently, it has been demonstrated that apolipoprotein E (apoE) has a major impact on longevity, but its mechanisms are still not fully understood. ApoE-deficient (E(o)) mice(More)
The liver is the central metabolic organ which regulates several key aspects of lipid metabolism. The liver changes with age leading to an impaired ability to respond to hepatic insults and an increased incidence of liver disease in the elderly. Apolipoprotein E (ApoE) null mice have proved to be a very popular model to study spontaneous atherosclerosis,(More)
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