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In this paper we present a novel approach to multi–word terminology extraction combining a well–known automatic term recognition approach, the C–NC value method, with a contrastive ranking technique, aimed at refining obtained results either by filtering noise due to common words or by discerning between semantically different types of terms within(More)
Modelling, analysis and synthesis of behaviour are the subject of major efforts in computing science, especially when it comes to technologies that make sense of human–human and human–machine interactions. This article outlines some of the most important issues that still need to be addressed to ensure substantial progress in the field, namely (1)(More)
One of the main challenges of recent years is to create socially intelligent machines: machines able not only to communicate but also to understand social signals and make sense of the various social contexts. In this paper we describe a new annotation method for the analysis of involvement, aiming at exploring the relation between the individual and the(More)
This study explores laughter distribution around topic changes in multiparty conversations. The distribution of shared and solo laughter around topic changes was examined in corpora containing two types of spoken interaction ; meetings and informal conversation. Shared laughter was significantly more frequent in the 15 seconds leading up to topic change in(More)
Relational database (DB) management systems provide the standard means for structuring and querying large amounts of data. However , to access such data the exact structure of the DB must be know, and such a structure might be far from the conceptualization of a human being of the stored information. Ontologies help to bridge this gap, by providing a high(More)
The entities mentioned in collections of scholarly articles in the Humanities (and in other scholarly domains) belong to different types from those familiar from news corpora, hence new resources need to be annotated to create supervised taggers for tasks such as ne extraction. However, in such domains there is a great need for making the best use possible(More)
Conversational interaction is a dynamic activity in which participants engage in the construction of meaning and in establishing and maintaining social relationships. Lexical and prosodic accommodation have been observed in many studies as contributing importantly to these dimensions of social interaction. However , while previous works have considered(More)