Francesca Berton

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During the past 8 years 13 children with isolated blunt liver trauma were managed nonoperatively. All patients selected for this management were hemodynamically stable after initial resuscitation and were without signs of other associated intraabdominal injuries on ultrasonogram and/or computed tomography. Patients were observed in an intensive care unit(More)
Urethral polyps are a rare finding in children, particularly in the very young. They are suspected by the presence of various clinical signs such as obstruction, voiding dysfunction and haematuria. There is an association with other urinary tract congenital anomalies. They are usually benign fibro-epithelial lesions with no tendency to recur and are treated(More)
The authors report two cases of severe rhabdomyolysis in a 23-year-old woman following a toxic coma with muscular compression and in a 34-year-old man after a febrile state. Despite clinical and biological signs of marked muscular necrosis, oliguric acute renal failure did not occur. However, repetitive urinary dosage of N-acetyl-glucosaminidase (NAG), of(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this article is to describe our experience with sonography for the study of benign conditions of the anal canal and perianal soft tissues. CONCLUSION Assessment of the anal sphincters in patients with fecal incontinence and documentation of perianal inflammatory masses and tracts in those with perianal inflammatory disease are(More)
OBJECTIVE Intestinal sonography is characterized by excellent resolution of the multiple layers of the intestinal wall and sensitive depiction of the degree of invasion of rectal tumors. Traditional transrectal sonography has been enhanced by the addition of transvaginal scanning for women and by advances in transducer technology. Our purpose is to describe(More)
AIMS AND BACKGROUND In heart transplant recipients pulmonary neoplasms are among the most frequent solid tumors; they have a rapid and aggressive course, and therefore require an early diagnosis. We describe the role that diagnostic imaging plays in different diagnostic moments of this disease. METHODS We evaluated the incidence and diagnosis of lung(More)
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