Francesca Barale

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Archaeological remains indicate that the origin of western agriculture occurred in a brief period about 10,500 years ago in a region of the Middle East known as the Fertile Crescent, where the wild progenitors of several key agricultural cereal species are endemic. Domestication entailed the appearance of agronomic traits such as seed size and(More)
To identify genes involved in the expression of a trait using the candidate gene (CG) approach, the genome positions of the maximum number of genes which potentially cause the observed phenotypic variability needs to be known. This position is compared with that of major genes or quantitative trait loci (QTL) for this character, with the co-location of the(More)
The ESTree database (db) is a collection of Prunus persica and Prunus dulcis EST sequences that in its current version encompasses 75,404 sequences from 3 almond and 19 peach libraries. Nine peach genotypes and four peach tissues are represented, from four fruit developmental stages. The aim of this work was to implement the already existing ESTree db by(More)
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