Francesca Accorsi

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Double Outlet Right Ventricle with intact ventricular septum is an extremely rare malformation. Only nine cases are recorded in the known world literature. A new case is reported, concerning a female infant six months old when first seen, and still alive after atrial septectomy. The anatomical studies in Double Outlet Right Ventricle suggest that only the(More)
A 50-year-old diabetic woman was referred to our unit because of high fever, foul-smelling vaginal discharge and pain in the leg, 7 months after undergoing surgery for application of a transobturator suburethral sling. Patient evaluation revealed erosion of the tape through the vaginal wall; the infection had spread to the region of the internal obturator(More)
Three cases of aortic sinus aneurysm and three cases of prolapse and regurgitation of the aortic valve associated with ventricular septal defect are discussed from an angiographic point of view. It is pointed out that aortic regurgitation into the left ventricle might be helpful for a correct diagnosis. Aortic regurgitation, in fact, is the result of an(More)
Electrocardiographic findings in five out of forty-three cases of isolated Ventricular Septal Defects (VSD) demonstrated incomplete Right Bundle Branch Block (RBBB) with left AQRS deviation of more than -30 degrees. These features are said to be characteristic of VSD of the Persistent Common Atrioventricular Canal type. However, in two of our five cases a(More)
Idiopathic severe dilatation of bilateral atrial and urethero-pelvic systems was found in a 53-year-old woman. Degeneration of muscle fibers without inflammation is a constant feature of idiopathic atrial enlargement. Degenerative process can extensively involve atrial wall (generalized dilatation) or can be localized (aneurysmal dilatation). In both types(More)
Water, basic element of amniotic fluid (A.F.), is closely related to Life, Fertility and Motherhood in several cultures and religions. Through material evidences of an essential growth medium and useful diagnostic source, a new concept grow up: the fluid as a first real environment in which fetus lives and acts. Many studies confirm that in A.F. fetus(More)