Francesca A. Lisi

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Recently there has been growing interest both to extend ILP to description logics and to apply it to knowledge discovery in databases. In this paper we present a novel approach to association rule mining which deals with multiple levels of description granularity. It relies on the hybrid language $$\mathcal{A}\mathcal{L}$$ -log which allows a unified(More)
Census data mining has great potential both in business development and in good public policy, but still must be solved in this field a number of research issues. In this paper, problems related to the geo-referenciation of census data are considered. In particular, the accommodation of the spatial dimension in census data mining is investigated for the(More)
Building rules on top of ontologies is the ultimate goal of the logical layer of the Semantic Web. To this aim an ad-hoc mark-up language for this layer is currently under discussion. It is intended to follow the tradition of hybrid knowledge representation and reasoning systems such as AL-log that integrates the description logic ALC and the function-free(More)
This paper deals with learning in AL-log, a hybrid language that merges the function-free Horn clause language Datalog and the description logic ALC. Our application context is descriptive data mining. We introduce O-queries, a rule-based form of unary conjunctive queries in AL-log, and a generality order B for structuring spaces of O-queries. We define a(More)
The effective acquisition of (semantic) metadata is crucial for many present day applications. Games with a purpose address this issue by transforming computational problems into computer games. The authors present a novel approach to metadata acquisition via Little Search Game (LSG) – a competitive web search game, whose purpose is the creation of a term(More)
A paper document processing system is an information system component which transforms information on printed or handwritten documents into a computer-revisable form. In intelligent systems for paper document processing this information capture process is based on knowledge of the specific layout and logical structures of the documents. This article(More)