Francesc-Xavier Sanmartí

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PURPOSE Seizures with ictal laughter (also termed gelastic seizures) have been associated with hypothalamic hamartomas and precocious puberty. It is not known, however, where in the brain such seizures originate. We describe a child with gelastic seizures and a hypothalamic lesion (probably a hamartoma) in whom two dysfunctional phenomena were observed. (More)
Angelman syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by defects in the maternally inherited imprinted domain located on chromosome 15q11-q13. Most patients with Angelman syndrome present with severe mental retardation, characteristic physical appearance, behavioral traits, and severe, early-onset epilepsy. We retrospectively reviewed the medical histories of 37(More)
Four cases of acute bacterial meningitis complicated by medullary involvement are described. The complication presenting as a transverse myelitis occurred early and suddenly in the course of severe bacterial meningitis caused by different bacteria. Only two other comparable cases have been reported.
INTRODUCTION Periodic movements of the limbs (PML) whilst sleeping is a disorder included in the group of intrinsic dysomnias which cause problems of insomnia and somnolence during the day. It is usually associated with the restless legs syndrome (it occurs in 80% of the patients with this syndrome) although PML may occasionally be an isolated finding. The(More)
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