Francesc Xavier Munoz-Pascual

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This paper presents a low-power all-MOS deltasigma ADC specifically optimized for the potentiostatic biasing and amperometric read-out of electrochemical sensors. The proposed architecture reuses the dynamic properties of the sensor itself to implement a continuous-time mixed electrochemical delta-sigma modulator with minimalist analog circuits fully(More)
In this work we report on the production of a low cost microfluidic device for the multiplexed electrochemical detection of magneto bioassays. As a proof of concept, the device has been used to detect myeloperoxidase (MPO), a cardiovascular biomarker. With this purpose, two bioassays have been optimized in parallel onto magnetic beads (MBs) for the(More)
Testosterone is one of the androgenic steroid hormones, the consumption of which is considered doping in most sports. Here, we present powerful 3D sensing platforms using novel disc-ring microelectrode array devices and exploit them for the competitive immunosensing of testosterone. Each device contains a microelectrode array that consists of a large number(More)
In this work, an amperometric immunosensor for detection of myeloperoxidase (MPO) in human plasma is reported. Detection is based on the immobilization of anti-MPO antibodies onto magnetic beads (MBs). Following MPO immunocapture and washing steps, MBs are transferred to a customized modular detector device produced by 3D laser sintering. This tool(More)
We show that target binding onto ferrocene-modified magnetic microparticles (MP-Fc) promotes physical sheltering of the labels. This can be measured electrochemically by CNT wiring, which enhances ten-fold the signals registered compared to direct detection of the MPs alone. As a proof of concept, detection of detergents and antibodies is accomplished. In(More)
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