Francesc Xavier Avilés Puigvert

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Since the presence of S-layer protein conditioned the autoaggregation capacity of some strains of Lactobacillus kefir, S-layer proteins from aggregating and non-aggregating L. kefir strains were characterized by immunochemical reactivity, MALDI-TOF spectrometry and glycosylation analysis. Two anti-S-layer monoclonal antibodies (Mab5F8 and Mab1F8) were(More)
A bonded anchorage was investigated where a CFRP tendon was potted in a steel tube using an epoxy adhesive. Experimental creep tests on single lap joints and fatigue tests on anchorages, both with different adhesive thickness, were undertaken with failure occurring in the bond, close to the CFRP interface in both cases. The creep and fatigue response of the(More)
Textile Ceramic Technology (TCT) is a new material composed of ceramic units installed in a grid of steel wires. TCT application as a permeable pavement is expected to be a sustainable and aesthetic solution. In order to use TCT as a pavement, experimental research about the mechanical response of TCT placed on elastic foundations is required. The main aim(More)
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