Francesc Sanahuja

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The MPEG-21 standard defines a framework for the interoperable delivery and consumption of multimedia content. Within this framework the adaptation of content plays a vital role in order to support a variety of terminals and to overcome the limitations of the heterogeneous access networks. In most cases the multimedia content can be adapted by applying(More)
This paper presents the key techniques of a panoramic image application suite fully implemented on a camera− enhanced mobile phone. The way of capturing panoramic images has been optimized with regards to usability though taking into account the generally lower system performance available on a mobile device. Furthermore, we introduced a new method to(More)
In the last decade several methods for low level indexing of visual features appeared. Most often these were evaluated with respect to their discrimination power using measures like precision and recall. Accordingly the targeted application was indexing of visual data within databases. During the standardization process of MPEG-7 the view on indexing of(More)
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