Francesc Pinyol

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and contents is leading the Internet to an architectural crisis owing to its inability to provide efficient solutions to new requirements. Clean-slate architectures for the future Internet offer a new approach to tackle current and future challenges. This proposal introduces a novel clean-slate architecture in which the TCP/IP protocol stack is decoupled in(More)
With the proliferation of multimedia capable devices, media services have to deal with heterogeneous environments where very different types of terminals wish to receive content anywhere and anytime. This situation motivates the appearance of multimedia services that adapt contents to the specific context of users. However, current Internet architecture is(More)
Internet is evolving fast thanks to the rising of new services and applications. This situation allowed realizing about current Internet deficiencies. Nowadays, researchers are proposing novel Internet architectures avoiding the rigidity of the layered structure posed by the TCP/IP stack. Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) principles are appropriate for(More)
Internet is becoming a huge heterogeneous and dynamic network that is growing beyond its architectural limits. The scaling up of the number of communicating nodes and services is leading the Internet to an architectural crisis which in turn makes it difficult to provide services efficiently considering the requirements and context conditions of users. The(More)
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