Francesc N. Masana

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This paper presents a SiC Schottky diode model including static, dynamic and thermal features implemented as separate parameterized blocks constructed from SPICE Analog Behavioral Modeling (ABM) controlled sources. The parameters for each block are easy to extract, even from readily available diode data sheet information. The model complexity is low thus(More)
Thermal impedance measurement of semiconductor devices is one of the standard and well established methods for their characterization. From such measurements one can derive not only behavioral information in the form of graphs or models for thermal simulation, but also structural information about the thermal path involved, from source to sink, that can be(More)
The aim of the present work is the construction of a nonlinear dynamic model of lung/airway mechanics using generic instead of specific software, in an attempt to offer an open simulation environment. Based on the analogy between pneumatic and electric magnitudes, an electrical equivalent circuit of the lung/airway mechanics is derived. Then, the nonlinear(More)
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