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This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License (http:// which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Dear Editor: The critical role of T helper (Th) 17(More)
  • Prescott Rj, Husain Ea, +16 authors Rivera I
  • 2017
69 Myxoid DFSP expresses apolipoprotein D and presents with a storiform pattern and characteristic subcutaneous infiltration. Diagnosis is confirmed by detection of the chromosomal translocation t(17;22). The differential diagnosis should include benign myxoid lesions with spindle-shaped cells (myxoid neurofibroma, superficial angiomyxoma, mucous cyst),(More)
BACKGROUND While locoregional cutaneous metastases (in transit and satellite) in melanoma have received little attention from researchers to date, they have pathogenic and prognostic features that distinguish them from other forms of locoregional recurrence. Identifying predictors of these metastases would be of great value for their prevention, early(More)
We report the case of a 66-year-old man who consulted with a 3-week history of a rapidly growing asymptomatic lesion on his left cheek that for the previous week had prevented him from opening the eye on that side (Fig. 1). Two years earlier at another center the patient had been diagnosed with a primary systemic CD30 + anaplas-tic large-cell lymphoma(More)
The presence of perineural invasion in skin tumors constitutes a major risk factor for local recurrence. Perineural invasion is not a common finding in basal cell carcinomas, with an estimated incidence that, depending on the series, varies between 0.17% 2 and 3.8%. 4 The frequency is higher in more aggressive histological subtypes and in recurrent tumors.(More)
Quemadura química por airbag To t he Edit or: Airbags are a safety mechanism proven to be effective in reducing the severity and fatality of traffic accidents. 1 Nevertheless, airbag deployment has induced multiple injuries; superficial abrasions, contusions, lacerations, and thermal and chemical burns are the most common. A 21-year-old man was seen by the(More)
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