Francesc Manaut

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The inhibitory effect of 44 quinolone antibacterials and derivatives (common structure, 4-oxoquinoline-3-carboxylic acid) on cytochrome P450 isoform CYP1A2 activity was tested using human liver microsomes and caffeine 3-demethylation as a specific test system for this enzyme. By direct comparison of molecules differing structurally in only one position, the(More)
Cyproheptadine is a drug that shows high affinity for type 2 (5-HT2) receptors. We studied a series of compounds obtained by modification of the tricyclic system of Cyp (dibenzocycloheptadiene): 2f (thioxanthene), 2g (xanthene), 2h (dihydrodibenzocycloheptadiene), 2j (diphenyl), 2i (fluorene), and 3b (phenylmethyl). Their activities at the rat cerebral(More)
A series of cyproheptadine related compounds was synthesized and tested pharmacologically. In comparison with cyproheptadine, these compounds do not have a central ring and some contain groups other than N-methyl. Synthesis was carried out with low-valent titanium to generate the exocyclic double bond. The serotoninergic activity of the compounds was(More)
MEPSIM is a computational system which allows an integrated computation, analysis, and comparison of molecular electrostatic potential (MEP) distributions. It includes several modules. Module MEPPLA supplies MEP values for the points of a grid defined on a plane which is specified by a set of three points. The results of this program can easily be converted(More)
A new computer program has been developed to automatically obtain the relative position of two molecules in which the similarity between molecular electrostatic-potential distributions is greatest. These distributions are considered in a volume around the molecules, and the similarity is measured by the Spearman rank coefficient. The program has been tested(More)
A quantitative comparative analysis of molecular electrostatic potential (MEP) distributions generated from different wave functions was carried out. Wave functions were computed by using MNDO, AM1, STO-3G, 3ZlG, 4-31G, 6-31G, 4-31G*, 6-31G*, and 6-31G** methods. Ten different compounds, which include usual atoms and groups of biomolecules, such as(More)
The antiserotoninergic activity at the serotonin receptor subtype 2 (5-HT2) of seven new 2-aminoethylbenzocyclanones was determined with respect to serotonin-induced contractions in rat aorta and compared with that of ketanserine (pA2 = 8.87). Competitive antagonism was observed in six compounds (6.72 < or = pA2 < or = 8.12). Three-dimensional structures(More)
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