Francesc Formiga Perez

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[1] The barotropic and baroclinic nontidal circulations of the Rı́a de Vigo (NW Spain) are studied using the three-dimensional finite difference model HAMSOM (Hamburg Shelf Ocean Model). The external forcing acting on the system includes winds, freshwater inflow in the inner part of the ria and all over its surface, and heat exchange with the atmosphere.(More)
In recent years there has been some progress towards detecting solar-like oscillations in stars. The goal of this challenging project is to analyse frequency spectra similar to that observed for the Sun in integrated light. In this context it is important to investigate what can be learned about the structure and evolution of the stars from such future(More)
Two-dimensional simulations of beam-driven turbulence in the auroral ionosphere have shown the formation and instability of phase-space tubes. These tubes are a generalization of electron phase-space holes in a one-dimensional plasma. In a strongly magnetized plasma, such tubes vibrate at frequencies below the bounce frequency of the trapping potential. A(More)
A cantilever based Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) for mass detection is presented. The sensor for multiple detections is composed by several cantilevers integrated monolithically with CMOS. Cantilevers are excited electrostatically to its resonance frequency. The oscillation of the cantilever is detected by a capacitive detection technique. Mass(More)
The kinetics of the electron transfer reactions between S(2)O(8)(2-) and the complexes (Ru(NH(3))(5)L)(2+) (L = pyridine, pyrazine, and 4-cyanopyridine) have been studied in micellar (SDS) solutions. A method for the evaluation of the reorganization energy of these reactions, based on the comparison of their rate constants, is proposed. From the results(More)
The thresholds for the electron multiplication in both multipactor and the so-called collisional multipactor microwave discharges are calculated by means of an individual particle model. The simulations are restricted to low and intermediate gas pressures, where the collisional mean-free path of electrons is of the same order or larger than the(More)
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