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An intelligent textile is a textile structure that measures and reacts in front of external agents or stimulus with or without integrated electronic equipment. . The finality of the present textile is to take one more step towards intelligent textile, considering the integration of electronics and textile needs, to be industrially viable and to keep up the(More)
A dispersive device that permits us to analyze two arbitrary spectral profiles simultaneously with the same detector like an optical multichannel analyzer has been designed. The device consists of a holographic grating with two different spatial frequencies, which are not recorded simultaneously, and that are calculated specifically for two spectral lines(More)
By introducing a percentage of conductive material during the manufacture ofsewing thread, it is possible to obtain a fabric which is able to detect variations in pressurein certain areas. In previous experiments the existence of resistance variations has beendemonstrated, although some constrains of cause and effect were found in the fabric. Theresearch(More)
The position determination inside a building where no GPS signal is beingreceived can be ascertained using laser transmitters in industrial situations where there areno people or using triangulation of the signal strength, normally electro-magnetic signals,if the required accuracy is more than a metre. Our solution is aimed at situations wherepeople are(More)
An expreimental CAD environment for distributed systems, and in particular for the telecommunications arena, integrating tools for simulation and for formal verification is outlined. The simulation part (PADDE, from Parallelism and Abstmction in Dimensional Design) is operative and under use. The verification part (SYR, from System Rules) is being(More)
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