Francesc Castro

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This paper presents an efficient acceleration technique for the global line radiosity Multipath method. In this approach, the scene is subdivided in a hierarchy of box bounded subscenes, the boxes subdivided in a grid of virtual patches which store angular information. A new recursive (according to the hierarchy of subscenes) function allows to execute the(More)
We present a strategy to solve the problem of light positioning in a closed environment. We aim at obtaining, for a global illumination radiosity solution, the position and emission power for a given number of lights that provide a desired illumination at a minimum total emission power. Such a desired illumination is expressed using minimum and/or maximum(More)
In this paper we extend our previous result on reusing shooting paths when dealing with moving light sources in radiosity to the final gathering step algorithm, which combines a shooting solution and a gathering step. Paths are reused for each frame in both shooting and gathering steps, obtaining a noticeable reduction of cost in the computation of the(More)
We present in this paper a GPU-based strategy that allows a fast reuse of paths in the context of shooting random walk applied to radiosity. Given an environment with diffuse surfaces, we aim at computing a basis of n radiosity solutions, corresponding to n light-source positions. Thanks to the reuse, paths originated at each of the positions are used to(More)