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Metastatic lesions in temporal bone were rare in the past but are increasing, it seems, nowadays. We present the case of a women patient which first and only metastatic symptom was her peripheral facial paralysis. In our review of world literature of this topic only 148 published cases were found. Tumors more frequently spreading to temporal bone, in(More)
INTRODUCTION AND GOALS There has been a very significant increase in the use of minimally invasive surgery has in the last decade. In order to provide a common language after transoral surgery of the oropharynx, a system for classifying resections has been created in this area, regardless of the instrumentation used. METHODS From the Oncology Working(More)
Otomycosis is a pathology relatively common in the auditory external canal, which incidence varies between 6-9% of external otitis cases. In the paper are presented the outcome of a prospective study comparing 3 antimycotic drugs (iodine-Povidone, Chlortrimazol and Ciclopiroxolamine) as well as some epidemiologic items (etiology, predisposition, clinical(More)
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