Francesc Alías

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This paper presents a text-based emotion identification system based on text implemented by means of a language-independent architecture. The system includes several natural language processing tasks besides an affective keyword dictionary. The main novelty of the system is the incorporation of a semantic disambiguation module which focuses on the meaning(More)
One of the key effects to model in voice production is that of acoustic radiation of sound waves emanating from the mouth. The use of three-dimensional numerical simulations allows to naturally account for it, as well as to consider all geometrical head details, by extending the computational domain out of the vocal tract. Despite this advantage, many(More)
Multiple single sound events of very different characteristics might coincide in a given space and time, thus composing complex audio scenes. In that context, defining signal features capable of effectively analyzing the holistic audio scenes is a challenging task. This paper introduces a set of features that consider the temporal, spectral and perceptual(More)
This paper builds introduces visual-analytic techniques to aggregate, summarize, and visualize the information generated during interactive evolutionary processes. Special visualizations of the user-provided partial ordering of solutions, the synthetic fitness surrogates induced, and the model of user preferences were prepared. The proposed visual-analytic(More)
In this work, the capability of voice quality parameters to discriminate among different expressive speech styles is analyzed. To that effect, the data distribution of these parameters, directly measured from the acoustic speech signal, is used to train a Linear Discriminant Analysis that conducts an automatic classification. As a result, the most relevant(More)
The performance of document clustering systems depends on employing optimal text representations, which are not only difficult to determine beforehand, but also may vary from one clustering problem to another. As a first step towards building robust document clusterers, a strategy based on feature diversity and cluster ensembles is presented in this work.(More)
This paper presents an automatic system able to enhance expressiveness in speech corpora recorded from acted or stimulated speech. The system is trained with the results of a subjective evaluation carried out on a reduced set of the original corpus. Once the system has been trained, it is able to check the complete corpus and perform an automatic pruning of(More)