Frances Vlasses

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OBJECTIVE The aims of this national study were to (1) examine the extent of job burnout among VA Polytrauma team members engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of traumatic brain injury (TBI); and (2) identify their coping strategies for dealing with job-related stress. DESIGN A cross-sectional sample of 233 VA Polytrauma team members completed the(More)
The healthcare trends described in this article will eventually lead to transformation of healthcare delivery and nursing practice. The nursing profession needs to be proactive in creating new models of care delivery and in redefining the work of nursing. The authors describe 2 examples of emerging models and principles for the creation of future models,(More)
One of the most exciting promises of technology lies in the potential to support research on complex questions through the capture, maintenance and analysis of large data sets. This is especially true in cases where research involves multiple contextual variables such as organizational research. The possibilities for increasing our scope and reaching to(More)
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