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OBJECTIVE To assess the effect of universal screening and administration of intrapartum antibiotic prophylaxis to prevent early-onset neonatal GBS sepsis at a private tertiary care hospital since issuance of the 2002 CDC guidelines for preventing perinatal GBS disease. METHODS Retrospective analysis of women delivering between January 1, 2003 and December(More)
1 970s, too, there has been a shift towards greater public involvement in health care, giving India, at least on paper, an impressive infrastructure of rural health centres. By the standards of neighbouring Pakistan, India seems relatively well provided with health-care resources. There is much to be commended in Dr Jeffery's book. While it is less(More)
BACKGROUND Printed health educational materials are commonly issued to prepare patients for hospital discharge. Teaching methods that engage multiple senses have been shown to positively affect learning outcomes, suggesting that paper materials may not be the most effective approach when educating new mothers. In addition, many written patient educational(More)
These three books present some of the best recent research in the burgeoning medical history field in Australia and New Zealand. James Gillespie's monograph is the most important of the three. He provides a thorough, considered and censorious account of five decades of the enduring struggle between Australian federal and state governments and medical(More)
concept of "monomania"-the name psychiatrists used to denote an otherwise rational mind which was obsessively preoccupied with a single idea-captured the imagination of the liberal press during the 1815-1848 period. However, the book is not without problems. In accounting for the decline of monomania in the early 1850s, Goldstein contends that the greater(More)
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