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State Lottery Adoptions as Policy Innovations: An Event History Analysis
Two types of explanations of state government innovation have been proposed: internal determinants models (which posit that the factors causing a state government to innovate are political, economic,Expand
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Tax Innovation in the States: Capitalizing on Political Opportunity
This paper assesses the factors that prompt states to adopt taxes during the twentieth century. We test five explanations of state tax innovation derived from the literature-economic development,Expand
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Innovation in Public Management: The Adoption of Strategic Planning
State governments have undergone tremendous changes in the last 15 years. Reagan's New Federalism devolved more program responsibilities upon the states through new unfunded federal mandates, leadingExpand
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Three traditions of network research: What the public management research agenda can learn from other research communities
This article identifies and describes the development of three parallel streams of literature about network theory and research: social network analysis, policy change and political science networks,Expand
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Sizing Up State Policy Innovation Research
In the literature on state policy innovation, there are three major explanations for what causes a government to adopt a new policy. One is the internal determinants model, which posits that the mainExpand
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State Agencies' Experience with Strategic Planning: Findings from a National Survey
Since the early 1980s, strategic planning has been one of the "hot" innovations in public administration, promising public agencies the benefits of a rational and highly structured, future-orientedExpand
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Testing the Development and Diffusion of E-Government and E-Democracy: A Global Perspective
E-government uses information and communication technology to provide citizens with information about public services. Less pervasive, e-democracy offers greater electronic community access toExpand
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The State of Public Strategic Management Research: A Selective Literature Review and Set of Future Directions
Strategic planning and related strategic management elements have become ubiquitous practices at all levels of U.S. government and many nonprofit organizations over the past 25 years. The authorsExpand
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Understanding the Adoption and Timing of Economic Development Strategies in US Cities Using Innovation and Institutional Analysis
Local governments in the United States have adopted a variety of economic development tools and strategies to revitalize and compete. This research considers two questions. First, what factorsExpand
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