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Traditional Politics and Regime Change in Brazil
List of tables and figures Preface Glossary of abbreviations and Portuguese terms 1. Introduction: traditional politics, new authoritarianism 2. Oligarchical power and traditional politics in MinasExpand
Brokers, Voters, and Clientelism: The Puzzle of Distributive Politics. By Susan C. Stokes, Thad Dunning, Marcelo Nazareno, and Valeria Brusco. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013. 344p. $
Clientelism has been one of the hottest subjects in political science and comparative politics in the past decade, and perhaps no contribution to the subject has been more eagerly anticipated thanExpand
Religious Pluralism, Democracy, and the Catholic Church in Latin America
The Roman Catholic Church in Latin America faces significant and unprecedented challenges. Most prominent among them are secularization, globalizing cultural trends, intensifying religiousExpand
“Democracy by Undemocratic Means”?
Why has Brazil failed to develop strong democratic institutions, despite widespread opposition to authoritarianism and support for civilian rule in the 1980s? This article argues that the politicalExpand
From Patronage to Program
This article explains the unanticipated emergence of party-oriented legislators and rising party discipline in Brazil since the early 1990s. The authors contend that deputies in Brazil becameExpand
Latin American Catholicism in an Age of Religious and Political Pluralism: A Framework for Analysis
This article identifies and proposes a framework to explain the responses of Latin America’s Roman Catholic churches to a new strategic dilemma posed by religious and political pluralism. Because theExpand
After Regime Change: Authoritarian Legacies, Political Representation, and the Democratic Future of South America
This article focuses on the legacies of the authoritarian regimes of South America for the contemporary consolidation of democracy. In particular, it considers their lasting effects on the region'sExpand