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Libraries of hybrid proteins from distantly related sequences
We introduce a method for sequence homology–independent protein recombination (SHIPREC) that can create libraries of single-crossover hybrids of unrelated or distantly related proteins. The methodExpand
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Laboratory evolution of cytochrome P450 BM‐3 monooxygenase for organic cosolvents
Cytochrome P450 BM‐3 (EC catalyzes the hydroxylation and/or epoxidation of a broad range of substrates, including alkanes, alkenes, alcohols, fatty acids, amides, polyaromaticExpand
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Combinatorial Alanine Substitution Enables Rapid Optimization of Cytochrome P450BM3 for Selective Hydroxylation of Large Substrates
Made for each other: Combinatorial alanine substitution of active site residues in a thermostable cytochrome P450_(BM3) variant was used to generate an enzyme that is active with large substrates.Expand
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