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Adolescence is associated with an increase in the rate of certain psychiatric symptoms, and it is typically the developmental period when prodromal features of the major psychiatric disorders emerge. This is especially true of schizophrenia, with the majority of patients showing a marked postpubertal rise in schizotypal signs that predates the onset of(More)
A representative sample of 130 people was interviewed shortly following self-poisoning or self-injury. The interview method is described. Events in the week prior to the attempt, and the incidence of various kinds of chronic problems are reported. Events involving key relationships were much more common than other kinds. The most important event was a(More)
There are two homologous thyroid hormone (TH) receptors (TRs α and β), which are members of the nuclear hormone receptor (NR) family. While TRs regulate different processes in vivo and other highly related NRs regulate distinct gene sets, initial studies of TR action revealed near complete overlaps in their actions at the level of individual genes. Here, we(More)
A prospective study of self-poisoning and self-injury in the Oxford area for 1972-73 and a retrospective study for 1969 has shown the following: (a) The number of admissions to a general hospital following self-poisoning and self-injury has increased by approximately 45% in 3 1/2 years. The increase is more marked in women than in men. (b) When compared(More)
This phenomenological study explores the meanings of work for people living with severe and enduring mental health conditions. The participants were three women and seven men who were attending a mental health day centre. Data were collected through up to three depth interviews with each participant over 18 months. The interviews were digitally recorded,(More)
This study explored experiences of obesity, its perceived causes and motives for surgery, as described by seven Saudi women contemplating bariatric surgery. The women experienced cultural restrictions on their physical and social activities. Obesity embodied these restrictions, attracting stigma and moral failure. Traditional clothing, foods, hospitality(More)
To explore the psychosocial benefits of participating in a 2-year community arts project, eight people living with long-term mental health problems were interviewed. The project involved participants in selecting items of professional artwork, creating personal responses and curating a public exhibition. Interviews were analysed using interpretative(More)
OBJECTIVE Previous qualitative research into the experience of intimate partner violence (IPV) has largely focused upon mature women's accounts. The objectives of this interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA) were to explore three young women's understandings of why they had been vulnerable to IPV in mid-to-late adolescence, their experiences of IPV,(More)
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