Frances Cooke

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BACKGROUND Previous research has indicated that children who stutter are more likely to be bullied and to hold a lower social position than their peers who do not stutter. However, the majority of this research has used data from respondents who were in the educational system more than 20 years ago. The current policy on integration of children with severe(More)
A methodology for sampling homeless populations in inner Melbourne was developed to study their health status and prevalence of tuberculosis. This paper describes the design, development and implementation of the project. The results of health status and tuberculosis analysis are published elsewhere. Involvement and interaction with local service providers(More)
The health care industry uses a huge quantity of plastic materials each year. Much of the machinery currently used, or supplied, for plastics processing is unsuitable for use in a clean environment. In this article, the author outlines the reasons for the current situation and urges companies to re-examine their plastic-processing methods, whether(More)
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