Frances Christensen

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Prospective randomization of 60 couples with unexplained infertility was performed for treatment either with intrauterine insemination (IUI), using a volume of 0.5 ml of the inseminate, or Fallopian tube sperm perfusion (FSP), using a volume of 4 ml of inseminate. The protocols for ovarian stimulation and induction of ovulation were the same in the two(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this report was to compare the degree of DNA strand breaks in known normal fertile men to those with oligozoospermia, and evaluate the presence of DNA strand breaks in normal raw sperm, after Percoll and swim-up and following conventional cryopreservation, as all these preparation methods might differ in selection of healthy sperm(More)
(1) The relationship between Ca2+ and sugar transport has been studied by comparing the washout of 45Ca and 3-O-[14C]methylglucose from preloaded isolated rat soleus muscles and whole epididymal fat pads. (2) In soleus muscle, nine different agents with well established stimulating effects on glucose transport were all found to produce a marked increase in(More)
The inhibitory effect of chlorhexidine and other bis-biguanides on the formation of dental plaque is not fully understood. The present paper describes the effect of chlorhexidine and some selected detergents on the activity of dextransucrase (EC, an enzyme involved in the formation of important components of dental plaque. All detergents examined(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to assess the presence of DNA strand breaks and sperm cell morphology in men suffering from unexplained infertility, and to compare these results with normal fertile and oligozoospermic men. METHODS One fresh sperm sample from proven fertile sperm donors (n=20) and from infertile men with oligozoospermia, (<20 x(More)
Human alpha1-antitrypsin was prepared from fresh human plasma by (NH4)-SO4-precipitation, gel filtration, affinity chromatography on concanavalin A, ion exchange chromatography and isotachophoresis. Human urokinase (EC (plasminogen activator from urine) with M, 46 000 and 36 000 was further purified from Urokinase Leo reagent preparation by gel(More)