Frances C. Johnson

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Booklet Sponsors First International Workshop on Adaptive Information Retrieval (AIR) Abstract Booklet ii Abstract. One important aspect of adaptive information retrieval is personalization of the interaction with information to an individual's (or perhaps group's) context, situation, characteristics, and other factors. In this talk, I identify the goals of(More)
A national representative household survey of food consumption, income, and expenditure was conducted in the Dominican Republic in 1986 by Tufts University School of Nutrition in cooperation with USAID Office of Nutrition [1: Rogers B. L. and Swindale A. Determinants of Food Consumption in the Dominican Republic. USAID/S & T/Nutrition, Washington, DC,(More)
In this paper, we investigate the use of semantic differentials in obtaining the evaluative view held by users of the search engine. The completed scales of bipolar adjectives were analysed to suggest the dimensions of the user judgment formed when asked to characterize a search engine. These were then used to obtain a comparative evaluation of two engines(More)
This project investigates the feasibility of the use o f user-satisfaction as a multidimensional evaluative construct of search engines. Search engine developments are reviewed to reveal a range of indexing and retrieval techniques that may assist casual users in the information retrieval task. Yet few evaluation studies have considered the impact of system(More)
This study aims to explore users' image seeking behaviour when searching for a known, non-annotated image in Flickling provided by iCLEF2008 track. The task assigned to users was to search for the three first images given after first login. Users did not know in advance in which of the six languages Italian) the images were described, forcing them to search(More)