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OBJECTIVES A substantial minority of women report considerable distress during hot flushes. Coping with various chronic health problems has been related to perceived control in previous studies. Hence this study developed a standardised measure to investigate whether perceived control is associated with less distress during menopausal hot flushes. METHOD(More)
OBJECTIVES This study developed a semantic differential scale for assessing self-image during hot flushes, based on a previously published scale (Nursing Res. 35 (1986) 81). The objectives were to explore the sensitivity and validity of this scale, and to examine whether poor self-image during hot flushes is linked to flush distress, perceived control,(More)
AIM This paper is a report of a study examining the experience of adults with cystic fibrosis in adapting to the diagnosis of diabetes, a second chronic illness. BACKGROUND Diabetes is a common complication of cystic fibrosis; the onset signifies the development of a second chronic illness. Both cystic fibrosis and diabetes are complex conditions, which(More)
BACKGROUND Many surgeons and orthopaedic references recommend that fixation of a disrupted distal tibiofibular syndesmosis be performed with the ankle in dorsiflexion to avoid overtightening and subsequent restriction of ankle dorsiflexion. This recommendation is based in large part on one cadaveric study without clinical correlation. The purpose of the(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this phenomenological enquiry was to explore the meanings and functions of art for a group of women living with disabling chronic illness. Participants were recruited on the basis that they considered artwork as central to their current well-being. METHOD Thirty women were interviewed and five submitted written narratives.(More)
Few studies have considered the contribution of problem-based learning (PBL) to interprofessional education, and even fewer have examined whether women and men evaluate PBL differently. This paper examines first year occupational therapy and physiotherapy students' evaluations of their initial participation in PBL, during an interprofessional module(More)
Religious faith is central to life for Muslim patients in Kuwait, so it may influence adaptation and rehabilitation. This study explored quantitative associations among religious faith, self-efficacy, and life satisfaction in 40 female stroke patients and explored the influence of religion within stroke rehabilitation through qualitative interviews with 12(More)
BACKGROUND In the UK, increasing numbers of paid employees are over 60 years with further increases expected as the state pension age rises. Some concern surrounds possible increased work-related illness and accidents for people working beyond the age of 60. AIMS To identify the available evidence for health and safety risks of workers over age 60 years(More)
PURPOSE To understand the meanings of art-making among a group of women living with the occupational constraints and stigma of CFS/ME. The study explored their initial motives for art-making, and then examined how art-making had subsequently influenced their subjective well-being. METHOD Ten women with CFS/ME were interviewed; three provided lengthy(More)