Franca Moretti

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In this study, performed in the province of Pistoia (Italy), we tested whether 8-year-old children living in rural areas differed from their urban peers as far as nutritional status, dietary habits and physical activity are concerned. The study sample was randomly selected to include 50% of the children attending the third elementary class in the province(More)
Interferons alpha (IFNs-alpha) are pleiotropic cytokines belonging to the type I IFN family, originally described for their antiviral activity. These cytokines exhibit a long record of clinical use in patients with some types of cancer and viral diseases. Notably, certain autoimmune disorders have been postulated to be mediated by endogenous IFN-alpha and(More)
The IFN-α family are pleiotropic cytokines with the longest record of clinical use. Over the last decade, new biological effects of IFN-α on immune cells, including dendritic cells, have been described, supporting the concept that these cytokines can act as effective vaccine adjuvants. Recently, an important advance in our understanding of the mechanisms of(More)
Training through Research Application Italian iNitiative (TRAIN) is a mobility program financed under the EU action called "Cofinancing of regional, national and international programs" (COFUND) of the European Commission Seventh Framework Program (FP7) - People, and has been designed to encourage the promotion and development of international programs of(More)
In order to study the structure of the multidrug resistance-associated protein (MRP1), which is one of the most important members of the ATP-binding cassette (ABC) protein family acting as drug-efflux systems, we have developed an epitope mapping-based strategy. By means of the mAb MRPr1, we have immunoselected clones from two distinct random peptide(More)
Biotherapy of cancer holds great promise for its potential to lead to the identification of novel, selective, and effective treatments against cancer. However, the clinical development of biopharmaceuticals and biotherapy products is hampered by several and diverse barriers. Herein, we will address some of the critical issues identified both at the national(More)
Type I IFNs (IFN-I) are antiviral cytokines endowed with many biological effects, including antitumor activity. Over the last 15 years, an ensemble of studies has revealed that these cytokines play a crucial role in the induction of a protective antitumor immune response. Early in vivo studies in mouse models have been instrumental for understanding the(More)
Fostering translational research of advanced therapies has become a major priority of both scientific community and national governments. Advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP) are a new medicinal product category comprising gene therapy and cell-based medicinal products as well as tissue engineered medicinal products. ATMP development opens novel(More)
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