Franca Lacroix

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Varenicline, a pharmacotherapy for tobacco addiction, reduces alcohol consumption in humans and rodents. The therapeutic potential of varenicline would escalate if it also diminished conditioned responses elicited by alcohol-predictive cues, which can precipitate relapse in abstinent individuals. We investigated this application, along with the underlying(More)
Environmental contexts in which drugs of abuse are consumed can trigger craving, a subjective Pavlovian-conditioned response that can facilitate drug-seeking behavior and prompt relapse in abstinent drug users. We have developed a procedure to study the behavioral and neural processes that mediate the impact of context on alcohol-seeking behavior in rats.(More)
PURPOSE Although radiosensitive, spinal locations of Ewing's sarcomas are challenging for the radiation oncologist due to poor radiation tolerance of the spinal cord. However, some favorable anatomical compartments - that may represent more than 20% - were associated with a better outcome and could benefit from a radiation dose escalation using the most(More)
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