Franca Bianco

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S U M M A RY We analysed short-period seismograms from about 250 very local events recorded by a network of high dynamic range short-period seismic stations deployed on Mt Vesuvius to estimate the site-corrected short-period seismic attenuation. We calculated Q {1 C , the inverse of the quality factor for coda waves, for short lapse times (12 s), and Q {1 P(More)
A family of shock capturing schemes for the approximate solution of hyperbolic systems of conservation laws is presented. The schemes are based on a modified ENO reconstruction of pointwise values from cell averages and on approximate computation of the flux on cell boundaries. The use of a staggered grid avoids the need of a Riemann solver. The integral of(More)
Scattered waves observed at the seismographs of the National Italy's seismic network have been used to investigate the intrinsic dissipation and scattering properties of the lithosphere under the Southern Apennines, Italy. First, we investigate the coda-Q properties, then we apply the MLTW analysis in the hypothesis of velocity and scattering coefficient(More)
The inter-arrival times of the post 2000 seismicity at Campi Flegrei caldera are statistically distributed into different populations. The low inter-arrival times population represents swarm events, while the high inter-arrival times population marks background seismicity. Here, we show that the background seismicity is increasing at the same rate of (1)(More)
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