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Inquiry-Based Science Education
By all accounts, science and inquiry should go hand in hand. Whether the same is true of science education and inquiry is quite another matter.
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Conceptions of assessment: trainee teachers' practice and values
This study examines the values and practice in relation to assessment of a sample of 220 trainee teachers studying for a Postgraduate Certificate in Education, an initial teacher training andExpand
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Secondary school teachers’ perspectives on teaching about topics that bridge science and religion
The question of where to locate teaching about the relationships between science and religion has produced a long-running debate. Currently, science and religious education (RE) are statutoryExpand
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A research-informed dialogic-teaching approach to early secondary school mathematics and science: the pedagogical design and field trial of the epiSTEMe intervention
The Effecting Principled Improvement in STEM Education [epiSTEMe] project undertook research-based pedagogical research aimed at improving pupil engagement and learning in early secondary school physical science and mathematics. Expand
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Principled Improvement in Science: Forces and proportional relations in early secondary-school teaching
In response to continuing concerns about student attainment and participation in science and mathematics, the epiSTEMe project took a novel approach to pedagogy in these two disciplines. UsingExpand
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Secondary students' responses to perceptions of the relationship between science and religion: Stances identified from an interview study
It has been argued that learning science may be complicated, and even compromised, when students hold worldviews that may seem at odds with what is presented in science lessons. In particular, inExpand
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Effecting Principled Improvement in STEM Education: Research-based pedagogical development for student engagement and learning in early secondary-school physical science and mathematics
The epiSTEMe project forms part of a national initiative researching means of improving young people’s participation and achievement in mathematics and science education. The project involvesExpand
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How Students View the Boundaries Between Their Science and Religious Education Concerning the Origins of Life and the Universe
ABSTRACT Internationally in secondary schools, lessons are typically taught by subject specialists, raising the question of how to accommodate teaching which bridges the sciences and humanities. ThisExpand
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Secondary School Students’ Epistemic Insight into the Relationships Between Science and Religion—A Preliminary Enquiry
A number of previous studies have shown that there is a widespread view among young people that science and religion are opposed. In this paper, we suggest that it requires a significant level ofExpand
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Developing a research-informed teaching module for learning about electrical circuits at lower secondary school level: Supporting personal learning about science and the nature of science
© 2015 by IGI Global. All rights reserved. This chapter discusses the design and development of a teaching module on electrical circuits for lower secondary students (11-14 year olds) studying in theExpand
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