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During the BENTART 95 Expedition, 24 Agassiz trawls for macrozoobenthos sampling were carried out at depths of 40–850 m, from north of Livingston Island to the Antarctic Peninsula. The samples were analysed using a semi-quantitative method, and with the resulting numerical data, transformed into a six-point scale, we constructed a Bray-Curtis similarity(More)
Neopilumnoplax corallicola n. sp. is described from waters off Mauritania on the basis of two specimens collected during the Spanish-Mauritanian survey “Maurit-0911” from 488 m over a giant cold-water coral reef running from Cape Timiris to the Senegalese border. The new species is readily separated from its congeners by the shape of the front and(More)
Thirteen hermit crab species of the families Diogenidae, Paguridae and Parapaguridae were captured in deep waters off Mauritania during Maurit surveys. A new species of the genus Paguristes, Paguristes candelae n. sp., is described.        Areopaguristes mauritanicus n. comb. is proposed for Paguristes mauritanicus Bouvier, 1906 and Pseudopaguristes    (More)
The Maurit surveys along the Mauritanian coast revealed the small collection of thalassinideans examined in this work. A total of four species were identified, of which Ezaxius ferachevali n. gen., n. sp. is described and figured here. Calocaris macandreae Bell, 1853 is the most abundant species, while the presence of Calocarides coronatus (Trybom, 1904) is(More)
This paper is the result of the study of a squat lobsters collection obtained along the Mauritanian coast, between 91 and 1867 m depth, during the 'MAURIT' surveys carried out in the period from 2007 to 2010. Eumunida bella de Saint Laurent & Macpherson, 1990 (Chirostyloidea) and six species of Munida and Munidopsis (Galatheoidea) are reported in the(More)
One new genus (Schizoplumularia) and three new species (Schizoplumularia vervoorti, S. geniculata and S. elegans) of plumulariids are recognized and described from large collections of plumularioid hydroids collected in New Caledonia and vicinity during several French expeditions. During taxonomic studies of these hydroids, colonies were compared with type(More)
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