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This paper seeks to reveal whether temporary contracts are the new European inequality and does so in a comparative analysis of two countries typically regarded as eurosclerotic: Germany and France. We compare the wages, wage growth and labour market outcomes of fixed-term contract workers relative to a matched sample of permanent workers with similar(More)
The international literature on active labour market programmes has generated inconsistent and confusing, but generally pessimistic, conclusions regarding their impact on the employment prospects of participants. This paper argues that much of this confusion is due to a general lack of attention to qualitative differences between programmes. The paper(More)
Torticollis is a relatively common condition of childhood. The principal cause is fibrous contraction of the sternomastoid muscle and a 'tumour' is often noted in the muscle. Less commonly, torticollis may be due to skeletal or ocular abnormalities. We report a case of torticollis initially diagnosed as muscular in origin but subsequently found to be(More)
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