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Two hundred children who were of very low birth weight (VLBW) (1500 g or less) and 193 controls who were of normal birth weight (NBW) were examined at approximately 9 years of age. Binocular visual acuity of 6/6 or better was noted in 178 (89.5%) VLBW children and 189 (97.9%) NBW children. Visual morbidity was significantly higher among VLBW children.(More)
This paper seeks to reveal whether temporary contracts are the new European inequality and does so in a comparative analysis of two countries typically regarded as eurosclerotic: Germany and France. We compare the wages, wage growth and labour market outcomes of fixed-term contract workers relative to a matched sample of permanent workers with similar(More)
Two hundred children from one neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), who were very low birthweight (VLBW), were examined at approximately 9 years of age and compared with a control group of normal birthweight children. Visual morbidity was significantly higher among children who were very low birthweight. Binocular visual acuity of 6/9 or worse was noted in(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS To report serious fireworks-related eye and adnexal injuries presenting to the Department of Ophthalmology in the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast. To assess the effect of lifting of the legislative ban on fireworks in Northern Ireland in 1996. METHOD Twelve year retrospective review from 1990 to 2001 inclusive of all ocular and adnexal(More)
PURPOSE We conducted a surveillance study to assess the nature, management, and visual outcomes of serious ocular injuries from fireworks in the UK. METHODS New cases of serious ocular injuries from fireworks were prospectively ascertained through the monthly active surveillance system of the British Ophthalmological Surveillance Unit (BOSU). All(More)
Intractable diplopia secondary to paralytic strabismus may be treated with the occlusion of the affected eye. Established treatments include occlusion with a patch, opaque spectacles or contact lenses, and performing upper lid lowering procedures or tarsorrhaphies. Two cases are presented in which intractable diplopia was resolved by performing clear lens(More)
The international literature on active labour market programmes has generated inconsistent and confusing, but generally pessimistic, conclusions regarding their impact on the employment prospects of participants. This paper argues that much of this confusion is due to a general lack of attention to qualitative differences between programmes. The paper(More)