Fran J. Ruiz-Bertol

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Developers of embedded systems are increasingly facing requirements concerning adaptivity. The term adaptivity covers several different aspects. In this paper, we present an innovative open-source run-time system that enables adding and removing applications and adapting to changes in the hardware topology while still guaranteeing traditional requirements(More)
There is an increasing interest in using ontologies in the area of project and process management and obtain knowledge from ontolo-gies by reasoning. Dierent approaches are being used for representing knowledge in this eld. Based upon previous works on project representations we have developed a basic ontology and we apply rules on it. We used recommended(More)
controlando de manera global todas los componentes del proyecto. Estos proyectos se guían bajo las características de previsibilidad y repetitividad. Sin embargo, no se puede trasladar esta afirmación a la Ingeniería del Software, ya que tanto el proceso, como los recursos y el producto final tienen grandes diferencias con otros proyectos de características(More)
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