Françoise Volot

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The use of a taxonomy, such as the concept type lattice (CTL) of Conceptual Graphs, is a central structuring piece in a knowledge-based system. The knowledge it contains is constantly used by the system, and its structure provides a guide for the acquisition of other pieces of knowledge. We show how UMLS can be used as a knowledge resource to build a CTL(More)
Information is usually available in heterogeneous data format and various legacy sources. Interoperability appears to be a major approach for applications to access information. The project ARIANE is devoted to provide end-users with an easy to use and natural access to information databases. In this frame we defined actors able to operate the mediation(More)
The Internet and the World Wide Web provide today end-users with capabilities to access universally to information in various and heterogeneous databases. The biomedical domain benefits from this new technology, specially for information retrieval by searching and browsing various sites. Nevertheless, end-users may be disoriented by specific ways to access(More)
In order to clarify the coagulation profile accompanying ischemic stroke, which may have implications on therapeutic strategies, we performed a prospective study to evaluate the hemostatic parameters in the first 24 h after the onset of cortical atherothrombotic infarct and lacunar infarction. Twenty-seven patients with cortical atherothrombotic infarction(More)
The purpose of this study was to show the early visual field signs in glaucoma using the 'Moniteur Ophtalmologique' at a background mesopic luminance of 0.3 apostilbs. Forty-five patients were selected, and 68 eyes with suspected early glaucoma were examined. Among the defects which were studied, we noticed a predominance of what we called pericaecal(More)
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